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Planet Eureka! is hosting a series of “Innovation Roadshow”  workshops to help inventors and buyers use this online system, unveiled this year. (See Doug Hall Places His Bet, Inventors Digest May 2009.) 

Visit the Planet Eureka! Web site to find when and where workshops are held.

The Planet Eureka! Innovation Roadshow is brought to you by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s NIST/MEP Network and Merwyn Research Incorporated.  Every participant receives a Merwyn Business Simulation (MBS) market research report (see Home page “View Sample Report”) AND gets their report published to the official USA National Innovation Marketplace.Together these are a $2000 value complements of NIST/MEP.

The Innovation Roadshow Workshops begin in the morning with a highly interactive session focused on translating inventions into language that excites business partners – specifically:  Dramatic Difference (why should I care?);  Overt Benefit (what’s in it for me?);  and, Real Reason to Believe (why should I believe you?).  These key messages are developed while simultaneously focusing on “who are we selling?” and “what problem are we solving?”.  Inventors learn a concept, work individually and then pair up with their fellow inventors frequently to give and receive feedback.

In the afternoon it’s time to bring it all together with the MBS.  Participants go live online with their wireless laptops to and submit their invention on the spot.  Facilitators are on hand to help with concept writing and answer questions related to the MBS inputs.  The questions can be viewed anytime to help prepare for the Workshop at “Submit/Test Innovation.”

Within seven days the MBS market research will be produced by Merwyn Research Inc. and be posted to the USA National Innovation Marketplace.  From here buyers can view the reports online and inventors can e-mail them to prospective target partners, print them for marketing collateral, etc.

7 Responses to “‘Scam-Free’ Inventor Help”

  1. mdrummond says:

    I confess mummification is outside our area of expertise. However, if you have intellectual property you’re looking to sell or otherwise commercialize, I believe you may try

  2. mohamed hassan says:

    i`m moh i have inventions ideas
    1a home against earthquake
    2 a motor work with one charge and magnet
    3 a train work with magnet against attraction
    i want someone support my experiments
    i`m from egypt and i cant find anybody support my experiments because so if u could help me that will be good i wait your reply

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  4. John Brown says:

    I have a couple of great invention ideas. One is towards the beer company and the other would be for the mail company. Both i have gotten great reviews from the people i have spoke with, but i have a 6month old, lots of bills and unemployment isn’t enough to save for a patent. So.. if your the type of person to get in at the begging of a great idea, the email me..

  5. masoud says:

    I have an invention that is fully functional and industry needs.
    I am Iranian and I do not have enough money for your services
    Do you support me?

  6. joe tomicki says:

    I have a free engery inventions a genrator and a vechicle and have protyps that work. I realty have 5 inventions but I just want to know more about free engery and what u know about this very strange subject. I have talked to a few patent atts. and want to here from u. the machines are about 3 years old.

  7. joe tomicki says:

    what I fear happing, the invention being silenced and told that it is in violation of nation cetery ( mis speeled I have my reasons) u don’t have to print this. or wourse things?

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