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USPTO Ready to Defend Patent Reform Law

Bob Stoll, Commissioner for Patents

Get ready for a fiery conversation about the new patent reform law when Robert L. Stoll, Commissioner of Patents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, takes to Got Invention Radio hosted by Brian Fried on Thursday.

The show is 8pm ET/5pm PT. Click on the “listen live” button on the homepage, Call 877.474.3302 or email your questions to

Stoll says he’s ready to defend how the new America Invents Act, signed into law this month, will afford more certainty for patent applicants and owners and provide the USPTO the resources needed to operate more efficiently and to issue high-quality patents.

Among topics for debate:

  • USPTO’s transition to first-to-file vs. first to invent system
  • The pro-bono initiative
  • The ombudsman program
  • The push for inventors to file their patent applications electronically
  • And the creation of a micro-entity for fee purposes.

“We are really pleased to have this opportunity to reach out to the independent and small entity inventor community on Got Invention Radio,” said Richard Maulsby, Associate Commissioner for Innovation Development from the USPTO. “The America Invents Act will greatly benefit that community in a number of ways and we are eager to share that news with everyone.”

“The America Invents Act represents the most sweeping change to U.S. patent law in decades. Innovation and national prosperity are at stake,” said Mike Drummond, content director at Inventors Digest Magazine. “Our partners at Got Invention Radio are doing inventors an important public service by having the USPTO’s Commissioner for Patents on Thursday’s show.”

Mark Reyland, executive director of the United Inventors Association, concurred.

“After years of hard work, the USPTO has finally gotten changes passed in the America Invents Act that will have a dramatic effect on individual inventors – now they use the long reach of Got Invention Radio Thursday night to ensure the inventor community gets the full benefit.”

Got Invention Radio, an online live radio platform for inventors and entrepreneurs, continues to reach more than 12,000 listeners a month. Host Brian Fried is a serial inventor with licensed and manufactured products of his own. As the author of You & Your Big Ideas, he founded Got Invention Radio in 2009, presented by Inventors Digest Magazine.

The show has attracted an impressive list of guests, including ABC’s Shark Tank co-host Kevin Harrington, A.J. Kuhbani of TeleBrands,the inventor of the cell phone, officials from the likes of Hasbro and, as well as other experts to help inventors through the invention process.

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2 Responses to “USPTO Ready to Defend Patent Reform Law”

  1. staff says:

    “Stoll says he’s ready to defend how the new America Invents Act…”

    Stoll and PTO management have ignored inventors and have made a sham of open government scheduling regional public meetings with only a few days advance notice. Their actions have make them appear agents of large infringers and enemies to inventors. We challenge Stoll, Kappos and others to a public debate. Let’s throw a little sunlight on the PTO’s policies and management.

    Please see for a different/opposing view on patent reform.

  2. This could have been a good program, but it was poorly done. It was so superficial and self-congratulatory and self-serving as to be largely meaningless. For example, “we believe in finding patentable subject matter” when every applicant knows that is false. “Try to file overseas” advice for independent inventors by “working with groups” which is ludicrous. No good questioning as to why the fee increases went into effect right away and the micro-entity fees got delayed. No questioning about the earmarks in the bill, such as Sec. 18 or Sec. 37. No mention of Rule 131 affidavits being eliminated. No questioning as to why discovery is not allowed in derivation proceedings. No discussion of possibly going to a registration system with pre-grant or post-grant opposition rather than the unworkable system we know have with its 3 year pendency. This was not a “meaty” interview, it was pablum for the masses. You should be ashamed to put out such a poor quality product like this.

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