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New Inventions from Inventors

Every month, Inventors Digest features new inventions from independent inventors in our Under the Radar section. Get your invention in the magazine; email Put “Radar” in the subject.

Homemade Game Guru

Last summer global temperatures hit record highs. In response, game inventor and YouTube impresario Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame built what’s believed to be the world’s first cardboard swimming pool.

“Very few working-class families can afford a full-sized in-ground or above-ground pool and even fewer people have the necessary space in their backyards,” he says. “Yet everyone wishes they could have a pool.”

With simple-to-find materials such as wood, glue, rock coating mix, duct tape and concrete, a family can create a pool for less than $400. Nuwame’s first pool was more than 72 square feet, 4 feet tall and took more than four hours to fill half way.

His how-to tutorial is posted on YouTube. He goes by the handle Homemade Game Guru.


Jean Georges invented the smartangel to help cure what bedevils modern society – dropping and/or losing cell phones.

The patent pending strap system secures phones and tablet computers to your hand, ensuring your technology stays tethered … and not splayed on the floor.

“More people are now losing, breaking and misplacing their phones than ever before,” Jean says. “That’s why I created smartangel – these problems are not going away anytime soon.”

Jean is looking for a licensing deal or investors. Contact or phone 561-649-9055.

Clean Up

Richard and Rebecca Dole developed the Bax Scrubb, a clever shower and bath product that helps you clean your back and feet.

The inventors also revealed another use: It’s great for cleaning your dog. The nonstick surface is “a confidence for your pooch – he stands on it while being scrubbed without fear of slipping or sliding,” they say.

Another tip: Tip: “We have found that placing the Bax Scrubb on the shower wall in the shape of a diamond will give you a wider scrubbing area.”

The couple is selling the Bax Scrubb on Amazon. They’re also looking for a buyer from a major company to purchase them in the United States.

Contact 978.363.2223 or email

Lighten Up

Behold the LogoSticks, illuminated, decaled and even audio-equipped crutches for those seeking swag in their otherwise hobbled step.

Each compression triggers a lighting or sound effect, says inventor Troy Shaler, who’s targeting the youth and sports markets.

Contact or phone 419.967.0369

Suitable for Framing

Chad Collins of Concept Products entered the inventing field six years ago, under the tutelage of an 88-year-old avid inventor. Chard designs and develops his mentor’s ideas.

“Some are good and some not so, but it’s his money and I’ve learned much,” he says.

He and a friend launched a patent-framing business to help raise money for their local inventor’s group, the Arkansas Inventors’ Network.

PatentFrame makes artwork out of your patent.

“We can take up to eight pages of an inventor’s published patent and combine them into a single print suitable for framing,” Chad says.

The museum-quality pieces are printed on heavy poster paper.

Visit and

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    Hi my name is carlos banos and i got a renovated product for baby feeding and i lucky to have Jim Richardson from Richardson & Associates LLC. work on it , it’s on prototype phase so i hope i’ll be soon out to the market .

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