March Madness for the Mind – Vote Now!

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I vote for the two young men at LeHigh University who patented a less invasive device for a tracheotomy. It is a matter of life and death and must be very frightening for the patient. Anything that proves less invasive the better.
Barbara Cook


Nice work!

Bravo, Michigan Tech team! A helmet that can help prevent brain injuries – that’s a biomedical marvel.

OsmoPure is the world changing solution.

I voted for CSU’s AYZH initiative, a social conscious project.


Great work, Lehigh.

Great Idea guys!!!!

I vote for OsmoPure. Great idea.

Great job RPI

Michigan Tech yeah Go Tech !

Great work from great minds!

Good luck OsmoPure team.

Clean, drinkable water is the worlds most precious natural resource. People should not be dying because they do not have access to it. Good job to the RPI team, I hope you guys make it!

OsmoPure looks like a sure winner to me. Good luck!

WOW! Whether you win this competition or not, this product should be mass produced and distributed world wide. Where can I contribute?! This rocks!

I agree with some of the previous posts, clean affordable accessible water could have a wider ranging impact then anything else I’ve seen so far. Good luck OsmoPure

OsmoPure can change and improve our world. Good luck!

OsmoPure hands down!

Great job OsmoPure, i think the world would truly benefit if this product was made availble world wide. Keep up the great work and good luck!

Seen the video. the concept is very useful specially for the indian conditions where there is accute requirement of potable water in both segments , rural and urban. The cost is such that can be afforded by the lowest paid also. It could go a long way to maintain the health profile of our people. weldone OsmoPure team.

I voted for AYZH. It is very interesting and informative.

I voted for AYZH, Good Luck

The protection from tangential load impact (over the typical normal load impact) – using suitable viscoelastic cushioning – is a good idea.

Simple and inexpensive fix that will make a huge impact!

My vote is for Banyan Environmental…Good Luck!

good luck adam rivard and team

Goof Luck

Stephen Fomeche

I vote for Universal Connector because it will improve the quality of life of the people through job creation for the blacksmiths and increase poductivity of the farmers. It is a tool to combat poverty in many
regions of the world.

my vote is for Enhancing Bio-Morphological Helmet
Michigan Technological University.good luck….

vote for team Bombyx Technologies, their technology is working to help heal eye injuries and prevent blindness worldwide!

The ineteresting helmet invented by the Michigan Technological University folks wins my vote I think it has potentially many uses other than for playing football.

I vote for the Universal connector for it will help create job and improves the live of the people in the rural area to transport their product from farm to market place where they can exchange their commodities.

Great project and great video!

Clean, drinkable water is the worlds most precious natural resource. People should not be dying because they do not have access to it. Good job to the Waterbag team, I hope you guys make it!

I vote for OneBreath! It’s helping a huge unmet need that nobody is even paying attention to. Although water is important, there’s a lot of bright folks already working on it.

Go Sarah! I am all for innovation, and years ago when I worked at UCLA we did research on hylaine membrane disease. This ventilator sounds like a boon for third world countries?

I voted for Marquette University’s Human Powered Nebulizer.
Great innovation! Can you imagine what can be done in Third World Countries with this? GO MARQUETTE!!!!


LoChlorine: Need low cost chlorine producer and doser very badly also in the arsenic prone areas of India, Bangladesh and neighboring countries where pond, dugwell, river water can be used in the rural, remote areas that is arsenic safe. To develop infra-structure to supply potable water via pipeline is still like a dream for some villagers.

Onebreath ventilaor, ventilator that is needed all over.


Too bad OsmoPure was not already available for the folks of Haiti and Chile, just for starters.

The AYZH concept and product beats all the others by a mile.

Bio-morhpological helmet,will save many brains !

Osmopure just got me hot and bothered.

Congratulations to Dr. Jayaraman’s team for coming up with this innovative idea. Go MICHIGAN TECH I Vote for u !!

Kudos to AYZH! Millions of rural women will have a safe delivery.

My vote is for Osmopure – seems so much more convenient than the backpack since everyone will be able to carry it and use it as needed. Good commercial and explanation too.

Not that the other ideas aren’t useful, especially the less invasive trach, but water purification has more of an impact

SJSU wins my ‘YES’. Recycle the waste metals that corrode our soils.

I voted for AYZH – They have very clear approach to solve needs of underprivileged women.

Great to see Cornell violated copyright law to produce their video.

Just because you cite a source doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use it in a commercial video.

[…] AYZH is a contender in the Inventors Digest video competition. Please click below to view the AYZH video and cast your vote for them before March 19, 2010! […]

AP. What exactly makes you think cornell didn’t pay for their material? Pretty serious claims without any proof.

Hi AP, this is Brian from team Bombyx. Thank you for the comment as we were not aware we were infringing on any copyright laws, and we greatly appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. We decided to pull the video down as a result. We apologize greatly for any offense that may have been caused by our actions.

Thanks again!

[…] Read the full article on » […]

I vote for AYZH! unique concept.

Catherine Headman


excellent invention, this will help people world wide

Go for it!

I vote for Zach

Life Serve looks like the best of the bunch.

Congrats all!

Life Serve Innovations–LeHigh

It made me laugh.

Good luck.

AYZH vote

Congratulations to all ~ my vote is for AYZH.

Go Zach…and on to the next invention!

Nice work Zack! Great invention with tremendous potential to save lives.

Osmopure looks like the smartest choice.

osmopure looks like it has the most potential to really make a difference

Great projects! My vote is for AYZH.

A vote for LifeServe. The doctors seemed to like it!


Danielle Byrnes

Awesome job David!

Christopher Frank

Osmopure is the only one that will impact everyone world-wide and will save hundreds of thousands of lives at a dirt cheap price.

Ayzh! An oustanding idea. Professionally marketed. Well done!

Great invention.

Osmopure can mean life to millions who do not have potable water.

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