First & Goal

A fifth-grader from North Florida has released a college football app for iPhones.

An avid college football fan, 10 year-old Jack Templeton came up with the idea for a college football roster app when he received an iTouch for his birthday.

The 99-cent app provides users with all 120 Division I college football team rosters and schedules, as well as 13,152 player profiles. Jack and his father, Tim Templeton, believe Jack’s Rosters (the name of the app) is the fastest and most user-friendly roster app on the market.

“My app is so easy to use and has so much cool information, every college football fan should download it,” says Jack.

The inspiration for Jack’s app came from another idea he had when he just seven. Traveling to Gator games with his dad, Jack always wanted to know what players were in the game. Jack asked his dad to print an easy-to-read roster off his computer and his mom to laminate it.

This evolved into 9” x 3½” durable laminated roster, attached to a lanyard that father and son wore around their necks. While Jack’s laminated roster was convenient and useful, it was limited to one team and only included the player’s number, name, position, height, weight and year.

Jack’s passion for sports is turning into a fun family business. Jack’s younger sister Ellie, 8, and brother William, 6, help produce and count the laminated rosters, while Jack is the spokesman for his App. Mom, dad and friends get the word out about Jack’s App through social networking and any other cost-effective means.

Jack says he hopes to make enough money from his App sales to take his family on a trip to New York City and wants to buy a Mac computer so he can make “a bunch of cool Jack’s Rosters commercials,” to further promote his business.

“I made my first sports video on my little brother’s iTouch, but would like a Mac computer so I can make real cool commercials, videos and movies with all kinds of special effects,” Jack says.

What’s next for Jack’s Rosters? A Droid version will be released for the 2012 College Football season, as well as an NFL version. Jack’s also toying with the idea of a high school football roster.

Jack’s Rosters can be downloaded by searching “Jack’s Rosters” in the iTunes App Store or visiting his website