Inventors Digest, the nation’s longest-running media outlet for the inventing industry, is now taking submissions for the 2010 Collegiate Alt-Energy Challenge.

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The Challenge, part of National Inventors Month in August this year, will award cash and other prizes for the most innovative low-cost, alternative energy-related solutions, products or technologies.

A quarter of the world’s population lives without any form of electricity. Lack of access to electricity or power contributes to poverty, malnutrition, disease and death. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that can be alleviated through innovation and creative use of low-cost technology.

U.S. college and college-bound students are eligible for this contest – age restrictions apply.

Students are invited to submit videos – 2-minute “elevator pitches” – through our Web 2.0 platform at, ensuring IP protection and preserving potential licensing opportunities.

Click here for details, official contest rules and the online submission form.

What are you waiting for? Help save the world – one kilowatt at a time!