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Editor’s note: When students at Lincoln Elementary in Franklin, Ky., discussed possible careers just before the end of the school year, fourth-grader Alex Embry showed an interest in becoming an inventor. His mother, Erica Cowles, and school counselor Shalee Mann shared his curiosity and imagination in this letter sent to Inventors Digest.

Hello, Inventors,
How do I practice to be an inventor? Who can teach me where I do not mess up? Is there a college that can teach me how to build robots and video games for Lelyn and my other friends? Do I need to go to college or will I need to learn from you and other inventors? Will you help me to achieve my dream because I want to invent stuff for everybody in the universe and become famous! Who can help me on my dream and help me make stuff to help the military and police officers? Can you tell me anything to help me with my future?
Alex Embry