“Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn’t change people’s habits. It just kept them inside the house.” —ALFRED HITCHCOCK

Fourneau 2.0


This updated version, featuring several new components that work with the original base and cover, uses the super-heated container method of baking to make it easy to bake beautiful bread at home. Many components are made of cast iron. Fourneau’s new design includes a removable handle so you don’t have to touch anything while baking. It is also easier to load and unload bread from the oven because of a baking tray that stays in the baking chamber. A silicone baking mat—a perforated mesh sheet—allows moisture from the bottom of the loaf to wick away, creating a crispy bottom. The 2.0 has a retail price of $244.



The Aduri cushion’s proprietary multisensory system integrates with original meditation content and your personal biometrics, with an aim of maximizing the best personalized meditation guidance. The cushion is supportive and comfortable. The system is tailored to learn your preferences, experience level and goals. Content includes a variety of guided meditations, music and soundscapes. You can track progress to see how your body improves. A gentle light reminds you of your practice and scheduled sessions. Aduri will have a retail price of $200 and begin shipping in March.



Shepherd Lock can convert your existing door hardware into a unique touch sensor (no fingerprints, just the touch). Your door hardware will be maintained, and your existing keys still work. The product is billed as the first and only smart lock that can detect and thwart lock-picking attempts. To install, using only a screwdriver and two AA batteries: Remove the inside cylinder housing of the thumb-turn deadbolt; install the mounting bracket; screw the Shepherd module to the door; then snap on the magnetic cover. The door will only unlock if you have a key-fob or smartphone key within the Intelligent Authentication Zone™. Shepherd Lock, which will retail for about $300, begins shipping to crowdfunding Rewards backers in February.

Handy Gym


In the form of a 2-lb. accessory, Handy Gym uses developed NASA isoinertial technology for functionality and efficiency that is comparable to large gym machines. You can perform more than 200 exercises, and the system can fit into your suitcase or backpack. The product, built around a pulley system, uses interchangeable weights and a variety of attachments and accessories. Choose from three discs (blue, yellow or red) for lighter or stronger inertia levels. Built-in activity sensors connect with a mobile app via Bluetooth to monitor performance and display results in real time. Handy Gym will retail for about $500, with shipping scheduled for January.