“Innovation is an evolutionary process, so it’s not necessary to be radical all the time.”
― Marc Jacobs



Senspad lets you improve your dexterity, coordination and precision on the drum pad. You can connect several Senspads to create a genuine portable drumkit.

Each Senspad weighs less than 2.5 lbs. It is compatible with any digital audio workstation/music software for Windows, Mac, Iphone, and Android devices accepting midi signals. You can also connect via USB port. Insulate your acoustic drumkit and transform it into a connected one by putting your pads on top of your acoustic drumkit elements.

Senspad will retail for about $190 U.S., with planned shipping for crowdfunding Rewards backers in March.



Outlery is a convenient, eco-friendly way to have eating utensils on the go. The container of disassembled chopsticks measures 80mm by 24mm, the cutlery 63mm by 82mm.

Outlery’s reusable cutlery material is stainless steel; its box is made of recycled tin plastic. More than 80 billion pieces of plastic cutlery and chopsticks are thrown away each year, as well as having BPA that can cause cancers and infertility. Wooden cutlery eliminates about 20 million trees annually.

The full set with cutlery and chopsticks will retail for $91. Shipping for Rewards backers will be in October.

SKYE Footwear


Among the listed benefits of this versatile footwear: lightweight; ergonomic engineering; made from sturdy materials; slip-on style; recycled materials; waterproof/snowproof; cushioned collar; temperature regulation; hidden zipper; no-tie lace; odor control footbed; ultimate grip; Vegan friendly.

The boot comes in two styles. The Stnley combines a traditional hiking boot appearance with the simplicity of sneakers to keep feet dry. The Pembrtn marries the slip-on sneaker style with boot functionality to keep feet warm and comfortable.

SKYE will retail for $200, with planned October shipping for Rewards backers.



Built around a bright, pixel-dense LED display, RoadWayve produces high-resolution messages that are visible to drivers up to 50 feet away and in most weather conditions.

The device features a user-friendly setup, dedicated remote control and runs on built-in battery car power. Simply install the LED message board on your car’s rear window, turn on the Bluetooth remote control, download the mobile app and connect via Bluetooth, and start sharing messages. Voice-activated messages include Thank you, I’m sorry, Turn off the high beams, Let me merge, and Go around me.

RoadWayve will retail for $199 and be shipped next July to Rewards backers.