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—Ayanna Pressley



Luminook provides floor-to-ceiling, shadow-free lighting for closets and storage spaces.

Clips tuck the LED light behind the door frame, out of sight, while tilting the LEDS inward to show the brightest light in the center of the space. With its trademarked Beyond Motion Detection, Luminook activates the light based on the door position (like a refrigerator). If there is no door, a hand gesture turns on the light.

The connected smartphone app lets you adjust color or brightness. Luminook for a single door is $85 and $100 for double doors, with delivery to crowdfunding Rewards backers planned for October.



Advertised as 50 percent slimmer when full than traditional wallets, BANDO 2.0 is an upgraded version of Dash’s best-selling minimalist wallet.

2.0’s three-compartment system features pull-tab storage, two quick-draw slots, new color options, a secret compartment and a silicone-grip cash band. Made from pressed saffiano leather canvas, it is radio-frequency identification integrated to protect security, more durable and weather resistant than real leather, eco-friendly and recyclable.

The BANDO 2.0 starts at $18, with shipping to backers set for July.



The Pedestal expands to fit plant pots from 7 inches to 11.75 inches in diameter. It can hold more than 200 lbs. of dirt-filled terracotta.

The stand is made from high-quality, Forest Stewardship Council Certified Baltic Birch plywood and features a non-toxic, water-resistant finish.

Its makers say it can be assembled in 30 seconds with no tools or instructions: Just overlap the two sets of legs, then slot them together at the notch. Adjust the width to fit most standard plant pots..

Retail pricing for the plant stand with side tabletop is unavailable, but that combination was offered to crowdfunding Rewards backers for $85 with shipping planned for July.

Human Headphones


These headphones combine the sound quality of headphones with the convenience of earbuds, and they include translation of up to 11 languages.

Human Headphones consist of a pair of earpieces that fit entirely over the ear, with no connecting piece between them. Each earpiece includes a two-way dynamic driver and digital signal processor, which deliver a broader range of frequencies than standard earbuds.

The headphones communicate with the paired device via Bluetooth. The touch-sensitive outer shell offers controls such as volume, taking calls and ambient noise amount.

The headphones retail for $199.