“I didn’t have a fellow at the time, so I had to do it all myself. I had to … appreciate that as a woman, I was strong, complete, adequate.” 

—Bette Nesmith Graham, inventor of Liquid Paper

The Warbler



Designed to help your fitness and stretching regimen, the Warbler features custom ridges to promote health and wellness. Cork is antimicrobial, with 98.6 percent of bacteria killed upon impact.

The device has extra firm density for better results. Placing the Warbler under your back while you are lying on the floor is meant to achieve the following benefits: ease sore muscles; build core muscles and improve balance; add flexibility and mobility; relieve stress; calm and perfectly stretch muscles; boost your immune system; improve sleep; eliminate chronic pain, and correct muscle imbalances.

The Warbler, which will retail for $60, is due to ship to crowdfunding Rewards backers this month.

Clone Pillow



An advanced, contoured body pillow, Clone uses cooling gel and memory foam to keep your body comfortable and relaxed throughout the night.

The pillow is designed to fully support those who sleep on their side or in the fetal position, gently balancing pressure throughout the body. Clone is also meant to relieve chronic back, hip or knee pain, as well as improve spine, hip and shoulder alignment; reduce snoring; promote air and blood circulation; and help pregnant women relieve pressure.

The pillow will retail for $149. It is scheduled to ship to Rewards backers in June.




Meridian allows you to convert from backpack to messenger bag, without taking off the bag. Just drop a shoulder strap or sling another on.

Four bags in one—backpack, over-the-shoulder bag, cross-body bag and briefcase—Meridian is lightweight with multiple compartment storage. No extra straps or connections are needed. It has accessory rings for linking bags together or clipping items on.

With a suggested retail price of $175 in nylon and $275 in leather, Meridian is due to ship to Rewards backers in June.




A compact, vertical, aeroponic gardening system, Aerospring helps you grow up to 27 edible plants at a time using only 10 square feet of space. It uses 90 percent less water than growing with soil.

Among the foods you can grow: arugula, basil, capsicum, chilies, chives, cucumbers, kale, medicinal plants, lettuce, parsley, passion fruit, spring onion, strawberries and tomatoes.

The garden comes in three different packages and sizes. The Standard Starter garden will retail for $430, the Indoor Garden for $1,200, and the Grower’s Garden for $1,300. All are set to ship to Rewards backers in July.