“Every new invention is like a baby. You think it may cure cancer or become the president, but in the end, you’re happy it just stays out of jail.”

—Eric Betzig



Hapbee bills itself as the first wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused or sleepy on command.

The device is an augmentative wearable that emulates normal molecular interactions in the body through small, specific magnetic fields. Hapbee can replicate different feelings by playing safe, low-energy magnetic signals. The six categories are Happy, Alert, Pick Me Up, Relaxed, Calm and Sleepy.

The Hapbee Companion App controls your device and allows you to play your feelings anytime, anywhere.

Hapbee, which comes with a 30-day guarantee, retails for $499 and is to begin shipping in July.

Amazfit X


The Amazfit’s extra-wide curved display (92 percent curvature) fits more important features on your wrist without all the scrolling to find it.

Amazfit has a continuous heart rate monitoring system. Its lithium battery can run for 7 days on one charge.

The watch’s minimalistic design eliminates buttons and crowns that can dig on your wrist. It stays sleek with a pressure-sensitive sensor that helps you access everything with a press of your finger. It also has two of the world’s top Geo-tracking systems, GPS and GLONASS.

Amazfit will retail for $329. Shipping is to begin in October.

Flyer ONE


A versatile, all-in-one electric hydrofoil (“eFoil”), Flyer ONE features an electric propulsion system that can reach 25 mph.

The PowerFlight battery recharges in two hours and can provide  55-85 minutes of ride time. Using the handheld Bluetooth Jet ONE controller, riders can choose between a variety of kneeling, sitting, and standing positions.

Twenty-four speed options include beginner, intermediate and advanced proficiency modes. Speed, gear and battery information is visible on the handheld Bluetooth controller’s screen display. Riders can view data on the Waydoo App. A safety feature automatically stops the propeller if you fall off, once you release a trigger.

Set for August shipping, Flyer ONE retails for $4,795.



Holding up to 25 ounces of water, the origami bottle folds at 80 percent in volume and is purported to save 3.5 ounces of water emissions for every refill.

Features include a leakproof cap with a safe seal; integrated carrying flip ring; dishwasher safe construction; lightweight at 4.2 ounces. The bottle is very stable when unfolded.

Current colors are sky blue, lime green and pink. More colors will be available.

The bottle retails for $39. Shipping for crowdfunding Rewards backers is set for December.