“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” 

Michael Porter

Moulin Salt Mill



Featuring a sleek, modern design, Moulin lets you control salt size and volume with a simple twist. It has 10 times more output than standard mills and 10 grinding levels, so you can adjust with precise granularity to the ideal size.

The external dial hits everything between a fine powder (around 0) and a coarser grain (around 9). It technically goes below 0 and above 9, plus in between each number, providing 50-plus grind options. 

Moulin is said to “last forever.” The grinding mechanism is made of engineered ceramics, because ceramic won’t corrode in the presence of salt. 

Moulin has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $320.  Shipping to crowdfunding Rewards backers is planned for October.




This multi-featured, smart-motion and electrical torque screwdriver features a sleek and lightweight pen-shaped design.

Gently rotate the direction to tighten or loosen screws. The SES PRO motor automatically powers the torque. Digitally select from five torque settings, ranging from 0.5kgf.cm-2.0kgf.cm, for needed control and power. 

The screwdriver features a built-in OLED with drill direction, torque and battery indicator bar. 

The SES PRO is available to crowdfunding Rewards backers for 613 Hong Kong dollars ($79 U.S.), or 380/$49 for the SES Mini, with planned August shipping.

Fingerbot Plus



Fingerbot Plus turns “dumb” appliances into smart ones by letting you turn on nearly anything, from a light switch on the wall to a coffee machine or printer.

The battery-powered device improves on the original Fingerbot with stronger pressing power, extended range, and an integrated touchpad for manual control. 

You can also control Fingerbot Plus through voice with an accessory called the Adaprox Home Hub. This makes it compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as with other services.

Fingerbot Plus is available to crowdfunding Rewards backers for $25, with planned August shipping.




A lightweight (5.7 oz.), wearable fan that passes a breeze along the  wearer’s neck, Airable bills itself as the only wearable fan in the world with a magnetic fastener for your clothes. This keeps the device in place through rigorous outdoor or indoor activities.

The fan turns 180 degrees. Airable is easy to assemble and detach, and is made of flexible material that is durable and easy to clean.

The product uses a dedicated battery certified by UL, CE, KC, and PSE. A dedicated cable with two USB-C ports can also charge both sides of the Airable simultaneously. It runs without a battery when connected to a power bank. 

Airable has a retail price of $70.