“Be alone. That is the secret of invention; be alone. That is when ideas are born.” —Nikola Tesla



Pico promotes optimal plant growing without having to worry about too much or too little water or light.

The smart pot has a self-watering system that waters for up to 10 days. It has built-in LED grow lights, often used in indoor farms, to compensate for lack of direct sunlight. The lights sit on the bottom of a telescopic hand that directs light on top of the plant.

Pico comes with multiple mounts (magnetic, Velcro, wall hanging, and tabletop), so you can keep it on any surface.

One set will retail for $45. Shipping for crowdfunding Rewards backers is scheduled for May.



GREEN DISC is a small, refillable smart tool for the basic care of your bike chain. Just hold the wheel on the bike chain and crank the pedal backward.

The freely rotating lubricator wheel is both an applicator and lubricant reservoir. The interchangeable and biodegradable wheel applies the right amount of lubricant for the chain while absorbing fine metal abrasion.

Once filled, the product can lube your bike chain up to 10 times.

GREEN DISC will retail for about $22, or $29.50 with one bottle of bio chain lube. Shipping for Rewards backers is set for May.



Billed as the world’s first leveraged calf stretching device. CalfPRO  holds your heel in the perfect position to maximize your stretch safely, easily and effectively. You can measure your results over time.

The device’s clinically proven, portable, patented design allows high leverage and a full stretch from heel to hip.

CalfPRO gives a deeper leveraged stretch with max torque by holding your heel in place and acting as a fulcrum point. A wall or curb can’t do this.

CalfPRO will retail for $129 and ship to Rewards backers in August.

Square Off: Neo & Swap


Square Off’s games are powered by robotics and artificial intelligence. The smart automated boards include a built-in coach.

Neo is an automated, state-of-the-art chess board. The built-in AI auto-adjusts to your skill level with 30 difficulty levels, giving you a challenge at every move. The integrated mobile app connects you to players across the world and to 30 million-plus users on chess.com.

Swap’s magnetic sensor surface lets you switch between games within moments. It offers a choice of four games to begin with: chess, Chinese checkers, draughts and Connect 4.

Neo will retail for $199, Swap for $249. Shipping starts in November.