“I thought I wanted to be an inventor but then discovered you couldn’t study inventing!”

—Thomas Heatherwick






Tablift is a tablet stand that works in a bed, on a sofa, or any uneven surface. Its patented design works with almost any tablet (if a case is used, it must be less than 10mm thick).

The stand is great for binge watching in your most comfortable places. Its flexible positioning can help reduce eye and neck strain. Because it enables hands-free viewing, it can limit arm strain as well as enable viewing recipes in the kitchen. 

Tablift is lightweight (2.5 lbs.) and small enough to pack into your luggage. Its flexible legs fold to compact size.

The tablet holder sells for $39.99 online.







OneClock is designed to wake you softly and comfortably, with original recordings not available elsewhere that gently increase in volume. There is no Bluetooth, WiFi, apps or connectivity. 

The music features Jon Natchez, renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist of The War on Drugs. When OneClock’s alarm is activated, its AI music generator randomly chooses one of the songs stored in the clock’s solid-state memory and remixes it by adjusting the levels of each instrument or vocal for infinite combinations. You never hear the songs the same way twice. 

The clock’s retro analog design makes it an art piece as well.  It will retail for $350, with shipping for crowdfunding Rewards backers set for May.







IGGI is a portable, eco-friendly bowl that uses food psychology and “Calorie Cloaking” to help you naturally improve portion control for balanced meals, improved health and sustainable weight loss.

Using bowl guidelines, each serving has a maximum of 600 calories. IGGI has a false bottom that causes your brain to see 33 percent more food than is actually there.

The bowl’s system blends into your normal eating routine to facilitate building portion control habits through consistent use. 

IGGI will retail for $100. It is scheduled to be sent to crowdfunding Rewards backers in August.



Assure B1




The HeimVision Assure B1 is an all-in-one smart home security hub with features such as two-way audio, 130° FoV, five-minute setup and more. 

The system is designed to cover every corner of your home. You can connect up to four wireless cameras to one base station to monitor large spaces. The camera has a 130-degree field of view.

Designed with a smart PIR sensor, the system can identify any presence. The human-figure detection reduces false alerts to save standby time.

The basic hub and camera setup will retail for $160. Shipping for crowdfunding Rewards backers is to begin in March.