PQAI is a collaborative open-source initiative to build a free of cost and shared AI-based prior-art search tool for fellow inventors. It solves the problems that inventors often face due to the complexity and cost of prior art searches:

  1. Wasting time and money paying for prior art searches ideas that are clearly not novel
  2. Pursuing inventions which are not novel, skipping the prior art search and going directly to patent filing (one study found 15% of filings had no art cited).
  3. Having examiners find new prior art resulting in more office actions and narrower claims or abandonment

This voluntary initiative began at AT&T two year ago and is now backed by other organizations like GIPA, Founders Legal, Perception Partners, etc.

What are the goals of this initiative?

  • Make effective prior art searching possible for all inventors
  • Ensure there is Trust, Transparency and Access for all
  • Continuous improvement of PQAI through the Open-Source community

The vision is big, and it can’t be realized without community support from across the globe. PQAI is looking for fellow inventors to use the engine and share their feedback.

Check it out here.