With no numbers and no hour or second hand, Prompt is designed to keep you organized.

There is no screen or connection to WiFi or Bluetooth; the minimalistic design lets you wear the piece on your wrist, keep it in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

Touching the smooth concave glass lens triggers between one and four vibrations. One vibration means you’re within the first 15 minutes in the hour, two vibrations for the second 15 minutes, and so on. To get the precise time, glance at the LEDs around the circumference of the timepiece and activate by pressing on the lens for three-plus seconds.

Prompt will retail for $230, with a planned August shipping date for crowdfunding Rewards backers.



Clicbot is intended to teach your child how to code. It has 200 different reactions.

The robot’s personality depends on how it is built and coded. Each setup (more than 1,000) has its unique combination of use cases. Kids can build the robot to climb, dance, crawl, drive, and much more.

Children can grasp robotics by clicking pieces together to assemble Clicbot. They can assign movement directions or record a sequence. Clicbot comes with six games out of the box, with more to come.

Made by KEYiTECH, Clicbot will retail for $449. Shipping for Rewards backers is set for June.



FORGO is an environmentally friendly hand wash powder that contains no throwaway plastic bottles or bags. One small paper sachet contains the essential ingredients needed to turn regular tap water into a full bottle of foaming hand wash in less than one minute.

Even the packaging is limited to its bare minimum—only what is required for the bottle not to break in transport.

For now, FORGO will ship only to North America and Europe; it has a shipping timetable of June. A starter kit—including a glass bottle and three foaming hand wash sachets—was made available to Kickstarter backers for about $36. The future retail price is not available.



ZipBag® is a patent-pending storage container made of 100 percent platinum silicone for keeping leftovers fresh. It replaces plastic containers and plastic bags to allow you to store more inside your refrigerator.

The product, with a secure zipper closure, features a reusable hot/cold pack, bamboo spork and storage pouch. It has a dial for tracking leftovers and a writeable surface.

ZipBag is microwave, oven and freezer safe. When not in use, just hang it by its silicone loop.

One sandwich ZipBag set will retail for $20, with shipping slated for July to crowdfunding backers.

“It is the genius of our Constitution that under its shelter of enduring institutions and rooted principles there is ample room for the rich fertility of American political invention.”

—Lyndon B. Johnson