Author: Alyson Dutch

Be the Chef

There are three aspects of any company that must be in place for it to become its own entity: the product (or service), the operations, and marketing to make it all go.

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Star of the Fashion Fix

Former actress Amanda Horan Andereck invented a seamless bra that eliminates back bulges. She created a prototype from a pair of control-top pantyhose and cups she snipped from an old bra, found a manufacturer, and created the product.

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Money for Your Operations

When seeking capital, you must decide how much ownership you want. Think about how hard personal relationships are, add in the beliefs people have about money, throw some gasoline on it and then imagine what it’s like to light a match.

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O, Yes: Operations

Choosing a distribution method for your product is a key operational setup that determines how it is sold. The choice is based on your end customers; where do they buy what you have to sell?

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The Fruits of Fear

Most inventors bring things to life to solve a personal problem— whether it’s a fireman who needs a life-saving door wedge that doesn’t melt or an aging actress who created a bra that smooths back fat. In the case of Andres Roban, his fear of aging sprouted a revolutionary skincare line called Ounce of Nature.

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