Author: Christina Bernard

The Modern-Day Da Vinci You’ve Never Heard Of

Few people have had a life story like John Pitre’s. He’s an artist and inventor whose creations have broken sales records and revolutionized the fields of art, fitness and environmental technology. Despite this, he’s yet to become a household name—though that may soon change. Born in New York in 1942 and educated at New York City’s prestigious Art Students League, Pitre began his career as a surrealist painter and has been a significant influence in the art world for more than 40 years. He is one of the most widely published artists in modern history. Pitre’s surreal fantasy artwork went...

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Collegiate Inventor Winners

16 undergraduate and graduate students honored by National Inventors Hall of Fame.  The National Inventors Hall of Fame recently announced winners in the Collegiate Inventors Competition, which rewards selected graduate and undergraduate finalist teams for their inventions and research that add value and usefulness to society. Fields of study range from technological trends to medical breakthroughs. The University of Virginia’s Ameer Shakeel and Payam Pourtaheri were undergraduate gold winners for their invention AgroSpheres—engineered biological particles that degrade residual pesticides on the surface of plants, allowing crops to be safely harvested after a few hours. Carl Schoellhammer, a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was the graduate gold winner for...

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