Author: Gene Quinn

‘It Is a Mess’

With different people and agencies and courts going in different directions in the United States, we’re looking to the UK and Germany to hopefully provide certainty. In the United States, there is no certainty, which continues to make it very difficult for businesses.

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Absurd Attack

If R Street wants to investigate a national security issue, as it claims, it should be investigating the abusive use of U.S. antitrust laws by the Federal Trade Commission against Qualcomm.

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Going From Idea to Invention

Every patent application starts with an invention, and every invention starts with an idea. Although ideas are not patentable, there will be a point when the idea you are working on comes so into focus with enough detail that it will cross the idea/invention boundary.

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Honeymoon’s Over

Despite promises to the contrary, Iancu hasn’t reined in PTAB abusesUnder the current system, the patent owner has to win every time, and the fight is not over until the patent owner loses.

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