“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. … Genius will not. … Education will not.” —Calvin Coolidge


Collapsible Dog Crate and Snooze Pad

Stylish and functional, Revol is simple to set up and collapse, has two doors, three access points and wheels for easy transport. It is made from polypropylene, a plastic that is approved by the FDA for food use; strong steel mesh wire; and light but strong high-quality aluminum.

The crate has a spacious interior with round edges, silver and graphite siding. It can be opened from three sides. The bottom can easily be removed for cleaning.

The small crate (which launched the Kickstarter campaign) and snooze pad will retail for $270, with a planned summer shipping timeline. The small crate dimensions are 28” long, 19.5” wide, 20.75” high. Larger sizes will follow.

MDrill One

Noise-reduction USB mircophone

Using proprietary VERTIGAIN® Technology—which moves sound waves vertically—MDrill One records up to 10 percent more clearly than other USB microphones.

The mic features five different recording modes—bidirectional, omnidirectional, cardioid, stereo and noise reduction—so users do not have to switch back and forth between microphones. The modes ensure the mic will not pick up background noise while users speak or record. The MDrill provides zero latency through a USB-C connection, so there is no lag time between when a user speaks and the mic records.

MDrill One has 7-color LED mood lighting at the bottom. It has a planned retail price of $259 with an estimated July shipping timetable.

Experia ProLite

Lightweight running sock minimizes blisters

Made for serious runners, the Experia ProLite is said to be up to 30 percent lighter than leading ultra-light running socks but still virtually eliminates blisters, chafing and hot spots.

Each section of the sock frame uses a different yarn configuration and fabric density to maximize performance requirements for serious runners. The sock features ventilated instep and side panels; light construction and padding; and NanoGLIDE virtually friction-free fibers to minimize discomfort.

Experia ProLites will retail for $16 a pair, with an estimated June shipping date for crowdfunding Rewards backers.


Chef’s knife

The Achilles knife features an array of high-quality features that include a pinpoint-sharp blade and a unique handle. The full set has three knives, including a bread knife and paring knife.

The knife, made by Sternsteiger, won the 2018 German Design Award for best product design in the kitchen category. The patented “unibody” design is forged from a single piece of metal, featuring a striking hole right where the blade and handle meet.

Future retail prices will be €100 ($124) for the paring knife, €120 ($149) for the bread knife and €249 ($308) for the chef’s knife. Shipping to crowdfunding backers is scheduled to begin in September.