“Innovation happens when you change the game; you bring a different twist to what is currently established and perceived.”
―Pearl Zhu



Sonny is a sustainable alternative to wipes and toilet paper, with the goal of better hygiene.

Installation and plumbing free, the anodized aluminum tube sprays water with a targeted pressure flow. It requires no installation and features a modern, sleek design; a three-week charge; an antibacterial, interchangeable nozzle head; and normal and high spray settings.

By using Sonny, its makers claim you can save 1,739 gallons of water per year that is used to make toilet paper while also saving countless trees.

Sonny has a retail price of $140. Shipping for crowdfunding backers is set for March.

Espresso Displays


Thinner than a laptop at just 5mm and weighing only 690 grams, the display turns your laptop into a workstation anywhere.

The Espresso Display has a high-resolution touchscreen in full high definition and comes with unique mounts and accessories. Built from aeronautical-grade aluminum, it enables you to add touchscreen functions to your Mac or PC; easily multi-task between apps; and double your screen space.

The display is compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XBOX consoles, as well as with many phone types. A 13.3-inch monitor will retail for $320, with an April shipping timetable.

Hemp Eyewear


Billed as the world’s first hemp sunglasses line, Hemp Eyewear makes environmentally friendly spectacles that feature a unique finish and comfortable fit. All frames are completely crafted by hand.

Hemp glasses come in three styles, three frame colors and four lens colors. Each pair of glasses comes with a hemp fabric box, protective hemp pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth.

The material is made of thousands of individual plant fibers. Hemp’s fibers create unique patterns, which makes each pair of sunglasses different.

The eyewear will retail for $230 and has a projected April shipping timetable for crowdfunding backers.

The Masters Collection


This die-cast aluminum cookware features PEEK coating, a groundbreaking scratch-and-wear-resistant non-stick technology.

The coating was initially developed to protect key parts in medical, automotive, and aerospace tools and engines. The coat is fabricated with a triple-layer application, followed by a double-cooking process for unfaltering resilience.

Among the technology’s benefits are thermal insulation, as well as  hydrolysis, chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance. Handle sleeves can be removed for cleaning or baking.

The complete collection—with three pots, two frying pans and one grill pan—will retail for $540. Crowdfunding backers will receive delivery beginning in April.