ORBI Prime

360-DEGREE VIDEOS, IMAGES The ORBI Prime is a 360-degree camera in the form of cool sunglasses, without expensive rigs and mounts. The waterresistant 3D video shades, which are Wi-Fi enabled, have four 1920-by-1080 cameras built into the frame. The camera has electronic image stabilization and additional stabilization in post-processing based on captured motion data. Its video recording duration is up to 3 hours, with 128GB MicroSD for lots of storage. Files transfer wirelessly to your phone and auto assembly on the app. ORBI Prime comes with polarized, adaptive lenses, his and hers sizes, and five color combinations. A Micro USB is included for charging and connecting to a desktop. The retail price is expected to be about $650, with shipping set for August. orbiprime.com


SMART MIRROR A makeup mirror with autosensing technology, JUNO comes with adjustable “true light” settings—designed to help you find the perfect light to match whatever you have planned for the day so you can flawlessly apply makeup every time—and saves the light settings from your favorite places so you’re always looking and feeling your best. The four main features: comes preloaded with light settings for office, indoors and evening; a built-in ring light for professional-looking selfies; easy conversion into a reading lamp; and an integrated storage tray. When you pair your iPhone or Android phone with the mirror, the light around the mirror automatically optimizes. JUNO’s crowdfunding efforts realized well over $300,000 before the campaign was finished, after starting with a $15,000 goal. Estimated retail price is $79; target for shipping is April. thejuno.co

Big Balls

TRAINING GOLF BALLS Big Balls is an easy-to-use, low-tech, oversized golf ball that’s engineered to help golfers improve their game via improved putting. Though 30 percent larger than the normal golf ball–55mm in diameter as opposed to 42.67—the balls weigh the same, feel the same and roll the same. The concept is based on the notion that after practicing with Big Balls, golfers who go back to a standard-size ball will find that the hole subconsciously appears larger. This increases confidence. The package comes with two oversized balls and a guide of short putting drills. Shipping was to begin in January, with the product retailing at $30. bit.ly/BigBallsKS

Monkey Light Automatic

FULL-VISIBILITY BIKE LIGHTS LED lights that mount on the wheels of almost any bike, Monkey Lights are clearly visible from all directions. They come in three wildly colorful designs and are fully automatic, turning on when you need them as you ride your bike. Because the waterproof and dustproof lights detect wheel rotation and light levels, they won’t accidentally turn on if they get bumped on a bike rack. For those wanting a power button, the A15 & A30 lights let you choose between Off, On, and Smart-Auto-On. A stainless steel strap locks the light onto your spokes so you can’t forget your lights when you leave home or work, and you can’t lose them. The USB-battery capsule pops out for indoor charging that should last for months. Retail price for the A15 lights will be $35; the A30 is $60. Shipping is set for June or July. monkeylectric.com