Customizable and colorful, the POMO WAFFLE is a smart watch meant to help kids understand responsibility, express creativity and develop independence while providing a sense of security for them and parents. A scheduler informs kids of regular tasks and responsibilities. An exercise tracker has a built-in pedometer that counts every step. Kids can ring trusted phone numbers with the touch of a button. You can add your home and other important destinations so the POMO WAFFLE can provide directions for kids. Parents and kids can get added peace of mind through a smart locator that shows where kids are in real time, with three positioning technologies for more accuracy. The Safe Zone feature allows parents to set up kids’ commonly visited locations (friends’ homes, school, park, etc.) and notify them if their children have left those safe areas. Kids can send their parents voice notes. Most features require enabling the Simcard 2G/3G function. The watch retails for $189 and has a projected March shipping date.

QUAD-FUELED OUTDOOR OVEN                uk.uuni.net
Billed as the world’s first quad-fueled oven—it can be run on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas—the Uuni Pro can be used to cook roasts, breads, vegetables, fish and large 16-inch Neapolitan pizzas. The Uuni builds on the launch four years ago of the original Uuni, the world’s first portable wood-fired oven. The Uuni Pro has twice the cooking surface (17.7 by 17.7 inches) of the portable Uuni and the same speed, with temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius) in 15 minutes. The Uuni Pro can cook pizzas in 90 seconds. The relatively light weight (57 lbs.) and dimensions of the oven (29.13 inches long, 19.29 inches wide and 31.1 inches high) make it easy to load into the trunk of a vehicle. Estimated shipping date is July; retail price will be $649 in the fall.

Light but as secure as steel, Tex—lock is made with hightech materials that help protect bicycles and other items from theft. The lock is flexible, as opposed to standard locks that are rigid and heavy. The rope material resists theft attempts unlike common steel products that can snap easily when using a bolt cutter. Even the use of ice spray doesn’t help thieves, because the colder it gets, the higher the cutting resistance of the fibers. The rope, eyelets and padlock combined weigh well less than 1kg (2.2 lbs.). The Tex—lock S (short) will retail for $105, the M (medium) $130 and the XL $140. Shipping is scheduled for August.

LABFRESH is designed to reduce or prevent two of the biggest problems with the wardrobe staple known as the white collared shirt: yellow necklines and wet armpits. A patented INDUO technology is the key to ensuring that the shirt remains odor repellent, wrinkle resistant and breathable. The shirt’s cotton fibers are treated with the technology on a molecular level before being spun into fabric. The treatment blocks all fluids and the bacteria they carry from entering the fabric. LABFRESH emphasizes being breathable instead of 100 percent waterproof, although it repels “decent” amounts of liquids and dries very fast. The shirt rarely needs ironing. Shirts are available in regular and slim fits, as well as white and light blue, with the possibility of more options. Stainless ties are also available, made of 50 percent wool and 50 percent silk. Shipping is scheduled for May