The Ecomo Smart Bottle represents some big-picture goals pertaining to health and the environment, with a stated goal of clean water for everyone and minimizing the usage of plastic bottles. In addition, users may choose to contribute to the company’s water quality data map (without revealing any privacy) as part of the effort to protect public health and the environment. Ecomo is said to save about 228 plastic disposable water bottles within three months. Fill the bottle with water anywhere, anytime, then shake it to test for contaminants. The bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system can
remove most major contaminants, such as pesticides, petrochemical products, bacteria and most heavy metals. It’s also compatible with Apple Watch and FitBit. Ecomo keeps water hot for 12 hours and keeps it cold for 24 hours. It comes with a wearable activity tracker that computes your hydration needs, tracks your intake and alerts you about bad water quality. At last report, Ecomo had almost tripled its original $50,000 crowdfunding goal with 38 days left in the campaign. Estimated delivery is March, retailing for $229.


Kryo Sleep Performance System

Kryo is a water-based, app-controlled cooling mattress topper that actively cools to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celcius), improving REM and deep sleep by as much as 20 percent. REM sleep, which accounts for 20 percent to 25 percent of sleep time in adults, is an important component of our sleep patterns. (Newborns may spend up to 80 percent of their sleep in the REM stage.) Kryo integrates with leading sleep tracking devices, including Fitbit, Jawbone UP and Misfit. The warm awake feature helps you drift from drowsy dreams to a more natural awakening instead of an abrupt alarm. The mattress topper comes with a control unit that fits under your bed or next to your nightstand. A Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone platform allows you to control your Kryo directly from your phone. You can set a weekly schedule to ensure your mattress stays at the perfect temperature and program temperature changes during the night based on the timing of your sleep cycles. The product is scheduled to ship in May. Retail price: $299.


Phantom Air


Billed as the world’s first tunable wireless earbuds, each pair comes with tuning filters that let you tune the bass and higher frequencies for your preferred sound signature. They unscrew and can easily be swapped in and out. Recharge on the go by placing the earbuds into the charging case: 45 minutes for a 75 percent to 80 percent charge and an hour until fully charged. The pocket
charger can recharge the earbuds up to 10 additional times, giving you up to 30 hours’ use. You get three to four hours’ use per charge. The earbuds can be paired to any device capable of transmitting Bluetooth audio. The Phantom Air uses an industry-leading CSR Bluetooth v4.2 chip (also compatible with Bluetooth 3.0.),  specifically designed for micro wireless applications. A unique double antenna—one inside and another hidden in the outer shell—cures most signal drop. Estimated delivery is January, retailing
at £150 (about $180 U.S.).


PIN Genie


PIN Genie Smart Lock features a patent-pending touchscreen pad that shortens your 10-digit passcode into four numbers for usability. Every time you use the PIN Genie, the numbers reshuffle to thwart peekers and hidden cameras. The lock communicates with your smartphone through BTLE (Low energy Bluetooth). Designed for DIY installation, it fits all standard door sizes. The Safe Home Mode feature allows you to easily turn off the touchscreen pad when you’re home so no one has the opportunity to type in your PIN code. This prevents anyone from opening the door from
outside without a physical key. Set the alarm according to your needs. PIN Genie Smart Lock has surpassed the international home security standard and passed the toughest security test of BHMA A156. Apps are available for iOS and Android smart devices. Estimated delivery is December, with a retail price of $159.


Forever O.G. Pants

These pants feature a 3-ply, 4-way stretch fabric infused with silver that repel odor and come with a lifetime guarantee. They never stain and are resistant to any liquid. The pants’ 3-ply yarn is 10 times stronger than what’s typically used in the industry because of the yarn is first spun and twisted with three yarn strands. The company also has a size guarantee; if your size changes, mail your pants back and get them back in the right size for free. Size options include Classic Fit and Tailor Slim Fit. Forever O.G.’s Kickstarter campaign raised well over $300,000, far surpassing its funding goal of $20,000. The expected retail price is $128, with a planned December shipping.