Dyson 360 Eye


In the making for nearly 18 years, the 360 Eye showed twice the suction of any robot vacuum in testing. Inc. says it’s an early candidate for product of the year; trustedreviews.com says it’s the best robot vacuum on the market.

Its 360-degree vision system combines a top-mounted spherical camera with two advanced sensors framing the robot. The vacuum uses complex mathematics to map and navigate a room so it knows where it is, where it’s been, and where it needs to clean next. It also charges automatically by taking the most direct path back to the charging dock when the battery’s running low.

The 360 Eye is the only robot vacuum with tank tracks to help navigate different surfaces, giving it powerful suction on any kind of floor. Advanced filtration not only captures allergens, it expels air that’s cleaner than the air you breathe. You can schedule cleaning and monitor the vacuum with the Dyson Link app. The 360 Eye recharges via a slim dock that fits against a wall and can operate in either a deep cleaning or light cleaning mode.

Launched in August; retail price is $999.99.



SunZee is a fashionable wristband that allows you to recharge fresh sunscreen capsules—well suited for anyone who’s outdoors a lot, especially skiers and snowboarders.

Each capsule has 3ml of high-quality facial sunscreen: SPF 40, Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB protection that’s chemical free and paraben free. The FDA-approved concentration does not burn the eyes.

SunZee provides feedback when you have extracted the amount recommended by the FDA for an average adult’s face. The capsules are made of recyclable polymer, polypropylene, free of aluminum and other heavy metals. To replace the capsule (recommended time is every 80 minutes maximum), just slide in a new one.

The product is expected to begin shipping in December. A package including the wristband, capsule starter pack and Neoprene case will be available for direct purchase online for $65.

AMADAS Smart Lock


AMADAS’S key features include DIY installation that’s intended to require only a few minutes, as well as the lock’s emergency charging solar panel that many consumers cited as a favorite feature when the product surpassed its $70,000 funding goal during the final weekend of August.

The lock, designed to fit virtually any U.S. standard-size door, is intended to operate for one year with two AA batteries. The solar panel can recharge the lock for one-time use within 20 seconds.
Use your smartphone’s flashlight to quickly charge the lock. Using the AMADAS app, you can lock and unlock your door, track who enters your home or office, check the battery level and assign individual guest codes. The stainless steel design prevents intruders from deciphering your code with its anti-smudge finish; it’s also anti-corrosive to prevent natural wear, and waterproof to
prevent condensation from causing the lock to malfunction.

Estimated delivery is March, with a retail price of $399.


Emery & Oak Travel Duffle

This bag’s success on Kickstarter reinforces people’s desire to keep their phones and tablets charged: With 14 days left in its crowdfunding campaign, the Emery & Oak Travel Duffle had more
than doubled its fundraising goal of $20,000.

The stylish bag comes with a built-in portable charger for those devices, making it a handy travel bag (its 48cm-by-20cmby-25cm size meets carry-on size limits) as well as for taking to the office or gym. The 10500mAh battery charges an iPhone6 up to three times and gives an iPad mini a full charge. The travel duffle also has some handy features: nylon lining that separates your shoes from your other gear, and a slip pocket and large zipper pocket.

Estimated delivery is December; retail price is $179.


FIIL Diva Pro


The FIIL Diva Pro are Bluetooth V4.1 on-ear headphones with a sleek design and multiple features.

Billed as the world’s first wireless 3D audio headphones with built-in music storage, the Diva Pro doesn’t require that a cellphone be connected. With the Voice Command feature, just say “hello FIIL” to awaken the function. Then say, “search (name of song)” and the tune begins to play. There’s also a function that automatically pauses your music—and later resumes it—if you take off the headphones.

Maximize uninterrupted listening with four modes: ANC cancels up to 96 percent of ambient noise with no effect on the hi-fi sound; Monitor takes in music while talking to people around you; Open lets in panoramic sound from the environment while still being able to hear music and talking; Wind removes loud wind noise or noise on a plane.

You can save 4G of music—about 1,000 songs. To store via Android or an iOS device, use a USB cable and PC. The headphones support FLAC, WAV and APE file types, as well as other compressed

Future retail price: $300. Estimated shipping in November.