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3D’s WOW Factor

WOWCube® is a three-dimensional screen device that allows users to play games and view data in a unique way. The cube-shaped device consists of eight equal pieces that snap together via a proprietary magnet system. The attachment system allows for the halves to be twisted and locked in a similar manner as a Rubik’s Cube.

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Cooler Heads Prevail

Construction helmets were a natural fit for cooling technology. There has been little innovation in the category, it is a huge market, and mistakes from heat-fatigued workers can be financially and medically costly.

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Steel Will

This army vet credits core values in helping to build a $100 million home décor business. A high-quality product is the core of the company’s success.

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Ask Me Anything About Intellectual Property

Though 2020 has brought on unprecedented challenges, we continue to witness the power of invention and innovation in our communities and around the world. Along with meaningful invention comes the reality of intellectual property (IP) rights, which allow one to manage the protection, sharing and commercialization of innovative works.

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