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Go Get IP Aware

The sixth annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit® (IPAS 2023), “Bridges, Not Barricades,” will be May 2 in Boston, in conjunction with Northeastern University’s Center for Research Innovation and the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding.

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Going With the Flowbee

The TV reporter was astonished when Clooney told her he uses a Flowbee to cut his hair. He said he had been using the device—a vacuum cleaner attachment that comes with 10 plastic spacers—for 22 years. Was he serious?

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Hits and Errors

With MLB’s Automated Ball-Strike (ABS) technology, an official in the press box monitors a laptop running a system that electronically determines the call.

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Worth Smiling About

The Indian-American chemist and 2018 National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee Sumita Mitra developed technology that revolutionized the making of dental fillers, a process still used by dentists two decades later.

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Flop Stop

The curator of the Museum of Failure is an expert on the subject as a licensed psychologist and PhD in Organizational Psychology who has given many international speeches on the subject.

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