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Order is Restored

Here’s a neat solution to the damage that smeared eye pencils and hastily spilled nail polish bottles can cause: the Makeup Junkie Bag, which is strong, washable and water resistant. It’s pretty and stylish, too!

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STEM Spark

Dr. Ayanna Howard is an entrepreneur, innovator, educator and an international expert in robotics who began her career working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on research to develop the next generation of Mars rovers. She recently shared her thoughts on increasing diversity among patent holders, the importance of intellectual property to start-up success, and female innovators in STEM fields

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Alice, 5 Years Later

On June 19 it will be five years since the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank,  which significantly changed the way courts and patent examiners evaluated patent eligibility of computer-implemented innovation in the United States.

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Auto Innovation 2019: Our Top Ten Picks

Connected mobile apps are changing the automotive experience before we even reach for the car door. They offer more than convenience; they provide real-time information and safety (you can even check fuel and tire pressure now). These apps are among the most noteworthy innovations in automotive technology in the past few years. Here are our top 10 newest inventions and services, in no particular order, that would have gotten Karl Benz all revved up.

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Sweet Savvy

The top-ranked female tennis player in the world on five separate occasions, Maria Sharapova is beautiful, elegant, and willing to do the grunt work.Her consuming passion for business’s intricate details has paid off with Sugarpova, the candy company she launched in 2012. Sharapova’s $500,000 investment became a business worth a reported $20 million last year.

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Just Imagine

Aided by—and being weaned on—high-tech gadgets, kids have never had more potential to innovate. Their pristine, innocently hopeful imaginations are not cluttered with practical constraints, their inventing goals seldom with self-centered intent.

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Marley Judgment Upheld

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a memorandum on January 9, affirming a U.S. District judge’s 2017 grant of partial summary judgment in Hope Road Merchandising v. Jammin Java Corp. The Ninth Circuit’s decision upheld a nearly $2.5 million damages award for trademark infringement in favor of Hope Road, the licensing and merchandising arm for Marley’s family, against the coffee distributor.

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Tears to Triumph

The Cupcake Rack inventor overcomes the heartbreaks of inventing—and life—with help from friends.
“I didn’t have a leg to stand on! I was horrified, it was Christmastime, everyone was on vacation, and I was bawling my eyes out every single day.” —Liz Crouch
A neurosurgeon told family members there was no hope; her infant grandson’s brain was swelling, his skull fractured, a leg broken.

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