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Freedom to Compete

From legislation weakening patent rights to supporting court cases that further erode patents, big companies are trying to pull away the economic ladder to success from their nascent competitors. The STRONGER Patents Act fights for the rights of the garage inventor.

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Bottle feeding, streamlined

Last year’s launch to retail of nanobébé, the first baby bottle for breast milk shaped like a breast, struck a nerve with mothers so quickly that Ayal Lanternari and his business partner, Asaf Kehat, skipped the multiple-failure process almost every entrepreneur must endure before finding success. 

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It’s All in the Details

The Photon Light Module System is a modular light box for product photography. It has three light panels to illuminate the subject from the top and the sides, and has different color backgrounds.

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Teaching the Teachers

What does a patent application look like? What goes into making an invention prototype? What are the laws involving intellectual property such as patents, copyrights and trademarks?Those were some of the questions addressed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s sixth annual National Summer Teacher Institute on Innovation, STEM, and Intellectual Property.

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Building IP Understanding

U.S. leadership in science and technology, entertainment and brands is no longer assured—with a widening gap between intellectual property awareness and understanding a major factor.This issue will be the main focus of the third annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit on March 5, at The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley.

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Making Pot Predictable

Israeli inventor Guy Setton saw the need for a device to accurately analyze the key metrics of marijuana buds and created GemmaCert, to allow non-destructive testing and give consumers a predictable result.

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