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See How They Run

In this two-part series on electric motors, I will discuss the history and fundamentals of electric motor technology before exploring practical applications and prototyping techniques in Part 2.

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‘Anti-typing’ Joys

Prototyping is discovery though doing. It requires seemingly endless cycles of building and testing in pursuit of making a new technology work. Weeks, months, and sometimes years of building prototypes can be frustrating and lead to innovator burnout. When I find this happening, I turn to activities I call “anti-typing.”

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Putting Lice on Ice

Sheila and her team at Pediatric Hair Solutions own a number of lice clinics in the Southeast and have developed a two-step solution that has been proven to kill both active adult lice and their eggs.

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You Were Wondering …

Although 2020 was a year to forget for many, the tragedy and upheaval of COVID-19 resulted in a great year for innovation. As more people use the pandemic to take the ideas that have been rolling around in their heads and finally make them real, I have heard a lot of great questions about the product development process.

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Crash Course

A bootcamp in the Dominican Republic provided students impactful innovation training; 10 teams developed an interesting solution for motor vehicle accidents.

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Let’s Get Small

What do you do when you need to make really small devices or tiny parts that go into a bigger device? Consider these tools and techniques you can use to build tiny parts for your next prototype.

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Can’t Prototype? Sure, You Can.

There are plenty of tools available to the masses that are easy to use, even by the most inexperienced prototyper. Here are some prototyping tools and techniques that can be used to help develop ideas and answer key questions about a product—even for those who have never set foot inside a prototyping shop.

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