Editor’s note: Devin White, 15, is an aspiring inventor and youth blogger for Inventors Digest.

So today I am back to the famous line, “You have that great idea and you’re ready to take on the challenge of making a success out of it.”earth

One of the most important things that you have to do is make a design. You probably already have a picture in your head about what your invention is going to look like. But creating a design is more than just that picture in your head.

A proper design has to include what it is made out of, how it is powered (if that applies), and if it uses materials that support recycling or reuse of the product. This is where you can get ahead with the environmental edge.

One of the biggest challenges for companies looking to expand their business with new products and ideas is creating a product that is going to be appealing to the customer, the bank, and the planet.

In this day in age, BANK and EARTH are capitalized and in bold. The bank will come farther down the road and it actually is more of a result of the design. The EARTH is very important. You can bring your product’s stock up in huge amounts if you have an environmental edge. This edge is highly appealing to marketers and people around the world are looking for products that are friendly to the environment.

How do you get this environmental edge?

It starts with the first thing we learned about environmental conservation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

When examining your design are you using the least amount of material possible? Are you able to reuse any parts of the product? Are you able to recycle your product when it’s out of use?

When you pick up your pen or pencil to design something, keep in mind that being environmentally friendly gives you a huge boost in this day and age. Let’s Show the WORLD. Don’t Stop Thinking.