Editor’s note: Devin White, 15, is an aspiring inventor and youth blogger for Inventors Digest.

So I know the school year is coming to a close, 12 days left for me, but let’s not lose that inventing mindset over the summer months.

Devin White

Devin White

I’m not saying to invent, invent, invent, eat, sleep, live, inventing (well only if you want to, lol). In fact, almost every good idea I’ve thought of has been created outside of school. One time skiing, playing tennis, a long car ride. It’s kind of a spur-of-the- moment thing, you know?

I’m looking forward to summer more than anything. Riding my bike, spending hours on the golf course and tennis courts … but I am looking most forward to the free time that allows me to develop my inventing ideas, work on the blog to give you readers some more insights, and hopefully pass on some useful stuff, perhaps start up some further content.

I think of it as a balance. The summer is a great time to have a project, like the development of an idea to a product. It’s the perfect time, in my book. Plenty of time for leisure, and whatever you want to do, and more than enough time to put in some inventing time to hopefully be successful.

Our world today is a constant business. New products pop up everyday and everywhere. One could be yours, one could be mine, one could be your friend’s.

But it won’t be you if you don’t start in the first place.

The gist of this post is basically this: You owe it to yourself to become as successful as possible in whatever field that may be. Summer is a great time to do just that. So where does inventing come in?

We’re kids. We’re Young. We’re Smart. We’re going to be a great generation. I believe in us.

This summer, let’s invent to make ourselves more successful and make the world a better place. It’s the perfect time of year.

Have fun this summer. I’ll be posting just the same as I am during the school year. I’m here for you. Let’s Show the WORLD. Don’t Stop Thinking.

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Devin White