Editor’s note: Devin White, 15, is our resident youth blogger.

By Devin White

As young innovators, we’re still in a business where we are ultimately competing against adults.

In many cases we lack the tools to take our ideas to the next level. Sometimes it’s money. And other times maybe it’s marketing tools or even effective design programs.

You have to try to present your idea as professional as possible. This will not only earn you respect, but will help other people take your idea more seriously.

Many online programs are out there but, there is one that is an extremely professional and free.

Google SketchUp is a design program that allows you to make visual enhancers and perspective designs when presenting your idea. Although a little confusing at first, it is easy to get the hang of and can give you a huge edge against your competitors.


Experiment with different lines, prisms, heights, circles, colors, and designs.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to use it, Google offers tons of video tutorials. If you’re a little more hands-on, what I did to learn the program was start by making a rectangle and a square and trying out every button to see what effect it had on the shape.

I now live by Google SketchUp. I use it for all of my ideas, and even school projects every once and a while.

It’s a fun, effective, and free product that will give us kids an edge when taking and idea to the next level.

A good design is extremely important because it shows your audience that you have a real vision of the product and commitment to creating a professional innovation.

Let’s Show the WORLD, Don’t stop thinking.

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Devin White