Editor’s note: Devin White is a 14-year-old aspiring inventor and teen blogger for Inventors Digest.

By Devin White

Taking that idea in your head to an actual product is very hard. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but it takes resources. Resources – pretty much the word of the day.new-improved-en-logo

Out of all the inventing sites that offer help with your product, I have found what I, and many others believe to be the best – Edison Nation.

If you submit into one of their casting calls for the award winning show, Everyday Edisons, they will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means that you can entrust them with your idea and if they like it, it can become a reality. This is a resource.

It isn’t a totally kid-driven Web site. You will find adults in the public inventing driven forums, but I have been at EN for about a year and learned so much without paying a cent. I’ve learned everything from applying for patents, to industrial design, to the pros and cons of manufacturing.

It is an incredible melting pot of structured knowledge based around inventing. If you are looking for a little bit more, for just $10 a month you get a whole package of resources. Things like a monthly subscription to Inventors Digest, ability to participate in EN’s “Live Product Searches” where you submit your idea online and the searches are sponsored by companies. These companies work with EN to decide the products from the Live Product Search, which they will feature in their stores or online.

In addition you receive access to EN’s video vault. The vault includes all episodes of Everyday Edisons‘ current season, EN success stories, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with countless professionals in the industry. On top of that, you get a discounted fee on any product sold today that was exposed from EN and the group of EN family companies.

Make your free account today at www.edisonnation.com and you’ll for sure find me, En’s Junior Ambassador around frequently. Let’s show the world. Don’t Stop Thinking.

Devin White

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