Having trouble looking for people to see your product? Edison Nation
is the answer.enlogo

Edison Nation has great opportunities in many areas, such as the
forums or the videos from the pros. But for kids like ourselves
lookin’ for that break, EN’s Live Product Searches offer the outreach that gives us a chance we’ve been looking

So, What’s a Live Product Search? Straight from EN –

“Retailers and manufacturers need innovative products. The problem is
they are often hesitant to work with independent idea people like you
because they don’t have the infrastructure, time or process to pick
that one home run from the thousands of good ideas (and bad ones) they receive. Edison Nation has developed a patent-pending screening
process through our experience with the television series Everyday
that allows us to process thousands of ideas each month to
match the needs of the retail community.”

For just $10-$25 you can submit your idea into one of the many
existing LPS’s. You can include things like videos, designs, and other
tools for the EN team to consider.

Currently the LPSs on EN include:
•       Bed, Bath, & Beyond- Bed Bath & Beyond is seeking innovative products or product ideas that are great solutions to help solve the multiple challenges of dorm room living.
•       Global Consumer Products- Global Consumer Products Company is seeking pet-hair removal products.
•       West Point Home- West Point Home is looking for multi-functional home fashion product designs.
•       Walmart- Walmart is looking for sustainable or green home products that minimize impact or create a positive effect on the environment
•       Lifetime Brands- Lifetime Brands is looking for new outdoor cookware and innovative products for the BBQ.
•       PetSmart- Petsmart is looking for toy/product ideas that improve the lives of pets by keeping them active.

Now the question is, anyone have anything that fits? If so, great,
hopefully you can come up with the money and if you think it’s the
right thing to do, submit, and hope for the best. If not, well now you
know what is out there.

Guidelines at edisonnation.com give you the criteria you need, so you can focus in on what these companies want. Pretty smart and efficient
thinking, if you already have guidelines to start with. It’s kind of like a rubric in school, where the teacher gives you it before you
even start.

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