The Restroom Kit provides portable hygiene in one pocket-size pack. 

While preparing my interview with Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa, inventor of the Pee Pocket (Take a Stand, Inventors Digest, January 2016), I began to see a pattern. Personal hygiene inventions are big.

Recent data supports this. According to SCA, a leading global hygiene company, the global market for personal care products is growing at a rate of 5 percent annually.

So while judging and lecturing at the June INPEX, America’s largest invention show, I had my antennae out for such inventions and met Bill Massey, inventor of The Restroom Kit®. Colleague and patent attorney Andrea Hence Evans made the introduction.

Because restrooms at trade show venues can often be unsanitary, Massey—an Army veteran and father of two—gave me a sample of his invention. The Restroom Kit consists of a patented,
oversized toilet seat cover; 3 feet of toilet paper; an individually wrapped, lightly scented hand wipe; and a lightly scented “tush wipe.” The portable hygiene in one pocket-size pack, coming in
handy 3 3/4-by-2 5/8 packaging, is so simple that it may fall into the category of “Why didn’t I think of that?”

In Part 2 next month, we interview Dr. Aeneas Janze, inventor of Epic Wipes.

Edith G. Tolchin: Where did you get your idea?
William Massey: Have you ever been out with family and/or friends, having a great time at the movies, shopping, or amusement parks, and someone had to take a restroom break? You finally find the restroom, but the toilet paper or some other essential item is missing or too spoiled or unsanitary to use. That is especially frustrating for parents with young children. I developed The Restroom Kit after being in that embarrassing situation so many times, with no solution in sight.

EGT: Have you done any market research on the personal care/personal hygiene industry?
WM: The Restroom Kit is a first-to-market product with enormous potential. It’s a uniquely designed compact container that hosts all essential items needed when using public restrooms.
According to many university studies done on how germs and bacteria infest public and private restrooms, everyone can benefit by using my invention. However, we focus on women, mothers
and children who will sit on toilet seats and use the contaminated toilet paper and other soiled items left in the restrooms. Travelers and vacationers also benefit from carrying The Restroom Kit. Being prepared is important.

EGT: What is the product made from, and where is it manufactured?
WM: The Restroom Kit is made of standard mill paper. The items that make up the kit come from the same places where major store brands are purchased. The overall cost made it impossible to produce in the United States, so we found a manufacturer in China.

EGT: Who handled your patent?
WM: The initial patent was handled by Patricia Jackson-Scott, and by me. The Law Firm of Andrea Evans helped me with trademarking my logo and slogan.

EGT: Are you looking to license the product, or run the business by yourself?
WM: We would be happy to speak with anyone who wants to present a potential licensing opportunity. We’re selling The Restroom Kit in a few convenience stores, but the majority of our sales
are online.

EGT:Have you had any obstacles in developing your product?
WM: Our largest obstacles have come from marketing and establishing our brand. Marketing can be expensive, and brand recognition comes with time and the right people liking what
you have to offer.

EGT: Do you have any advice for the novice inventor?
WM: My advice to any inventor is to be persistent and stay focused. There are an estimated 7 billion people on Earth, so if your idea reaches just 5 percent of that, you’ve helped over 300 nmillion people. You have to start somewhere.

EGT: Any plans to add other products to the line?
WM: TimeAway, LLC is our product development company and The Restroom Kit is our flagship product. We plan to release two additional products over the next 18 months.