HardcoreinventingDo you have a business process or product concept that is innovative?

Are you developing a product that can have a social or environment impact?

If so and you’re in the Portland, Ore., area April 21, then make sure to check out the “Hardcore Inventing” seminar with Dr. Rob Yonover.

(See our review of Yonover’s book, Hardcore Inventing, in the May 2010 print edition of Inventors Digest.)

This data-packed and highly interactive workshop features expert facilitation &

inventors helping inventors translate and value their innovations.

Yonover is a Ph.D. geochemist/volcanologist with a history of innovative scientific contributions, technologies and patents. Using life and death situations with the ocean as his laboratory, he has invented a multitude of survival technologies, including the military-approved RescueStreamer, an emergency signaling device that is now in use by all branches of the U.S. Military. He has appeared on CNN, PBS, and the Discovery Channel.

This class is open to students, professionals, government officials, and inventors.

Location: Climb Center, 1626 SE Water Room 307 Portland, Oregon 97214

*Cost of the event: $35 (Visa and Mastercard accepted)

For more information visit www.mipooregon.org

Registration is required due to limited seating.

Email info@mipooregon.org to register or call 503.546.8813

Sponsored by the Micro-inventors Program of Oregon, the Lemelson Foundation
in collaboration with the SBDC and CLIMB.