So often in life, it’s not how you start that counts. It’s how you finish.

If you have an online business, you may feel you’ve maxed out on profits, and/or you want to sell. Or maybe your business has outgrown you. Either way, you’ll need a selling plan that’s every bit as important as the plan you started with as an original idea.

“The EXITpreneuer’s Playbook” has you covered. Author Joe Valley—who has built, bought and sold over a half-dozen companies of his own and is a partner at Quiet Light, one of the leading online-focused merger-and-acquisition firms—says: “The majority of all the money you’ll ever make from your business comes on the day you sell—so it’s important to get the exit right.”   

Valley relates real-life experiences such as that of “Mike,” who knew that exit time was nigh. “I knew what to do, and I knew I’d get to it someday. But I woke up, and someday was here.”

The book uses Valley’s personal experiences and myriad actual examples, using clear math and logic while leading readers to the exit. On the way, they learn how to:

  • Assess the value of your business and reverse engineer a path to an incredible exit
  • Avoid the “ignorance discount” when selling a business on your own
  • Negotiate favorable deal terms and conditions
  • Calculate the all-important seller’s discretionary earnings
  • Create rock-solid pillars every buyer wants

Valley not only explains how to exit your online business at the right time but how to repeat the process: Bootstrap, grow, sell, repeat. In “The EXITpreneuer’s Playbook,” the going is good.