DevinWhiteBy Devin White

America is being pushed on edge.

Swine flu hysteria and the availability of the vaccine.

The Yankees – how badly will they beat the Phillies? (A Yankee fan at heart here)

The black hole of an American economy….

We are living in a time when people want answers. Whether it’s for that swine flu cure, whether A-Rod slaps a Game 7 walk-off homer, or a stimulus package that will top them all. We’re all seeking answers to questions, answers to problems, answers for America.

Right now, as I type, thousands of people are working for these answers – working for the answer, working for America and the World.

The answer is in inventing.

When asked why I invent, I respond, “to give an answer.” The best inventions solve a problem, so the best inventions are an answer to that problem.

We invent to give an answer, to make the world a better place, to give those with a problem an answer. Around the world, millions are looking for an answer, of course of different magnitudes, but all in all, an answer.

As inventors we have the coolest the jobs. We can give them that answer, with one idea. That’s all it takes. One idea can change the world.

Let’s invent for an answer…Let’s Show the World…Don’t Stop Thinking

Editor’s note: Devin White is our resident teen blogger.