A score tallied on a single Scrabble play by (serious!) competition player Benjamin Woo. He played the word oxyphenbutazone across the top of the board, hitting three triple word score squares while making seven crosswords below. Architect Alfred Mosher Butts created the game in 1938, initially calling it Lexiko and later Criss Cross Words. National Scrabble Day is April 13, Butts’ birthday in 1899.


At Wesminster Schools of Augusta, Georgia, they’ve been inventing before it was cool. This year’s Invention Convention, which goes back more than two decades, yielded creations from 37 fourth-graders. The goal is to address real-world problems: Anabelle Wilkes and her father came up with “K 9 Lives,” a pet food that can be eaten by both dogs and cats so that neither gets sick when eating the other’s food. Patrick Andrew Joiner’s “Wolverine Gloves 5,000” helps people carry large quantities of leaves or pine straw. Teacher Virginia Shelley told the Augusta Chronicle, “There’s no doubt this is the highlight of their year.

What IS that?

The product description on Amazon.com at least tries to think along with us: “OK, this poses the obvious question, ‘Why would anyone want to wear pants on their hands?’” Maybe it’s because the operative word here is “underpants,” not “pants.” Anyway, the product description then answers its question: “Because it’s cool. Well, kooky. OK, weird.” We’ll give them that, except for maybe the “cool” part. Handerpants are made of 95 percent breathable cotton and contain 5 percent spandex for stretchability