The number of self-driving car patents by Toyota, per a report by Thompson Reuters’ Intellectual Property and Science Division early last year. It said Toyota has twice the number of these patents as any other automaker or tech company. That includes Alphabet Inc.’s Google, despite Google’s much-publicized work in this field. Reuters says Alphabet is 26th on the list of companies with such patents.

What IS that?

The world is divided into two groups of homeowners: those who have cursed under their breaths while stepping on or tripping over shoes inside a doorway, and the other six homeowners who have not. This space-saving steps design, by Zugai Strudwick Architects in Wickham, Australia, has 130,000 saves and counting on houzz.com. Note the absence of drawer pulls—again, presumably to avoid that annoying tripping thing.


A 13-year-old Oregon girl invented a bandage that can tell doctors when it must be changed, winning a $15,000 scholarship in an international Google science contest in October. Large wounds should be kept moist to promote healing, but that requires changing bandages too often to check for that. Anushka Naiknaware designed and tested a bandage that’s embedded with nanoparticles of graphene, via ink printed into fractal patterns. They sense moisture levels and allow medical workers to determine whether the dressing has dried out. According to The Oregonian, Anushka thanked a mathematical YouTuber for introducing