Last October, Inventors Digest published a turn-coat tale of international conspiracy and intrigue involving Jordan Fishman – an aging, successful inventor who was on the receiving end of betrayal at the hands of a friend  and Middle East and Chinese corporations.

Fishman invented a unique type of asymmetrical tire used in the mining industry. He claimed his longtime friend and the foreign corporations stole and reproduced his designs. A Virginia court agreed and awarded Fishman $26 million.

As we reported in October, Fishman was optimistic he’d get the money. But he was less upbeat about his fellow man.

“I’ve learned that we’re dealing with a different world than when I grew up,” he told Inventors Digest. “It used to be you shook hands and had a deal. That was the end of the story. And if you didn’t do what you said you were going to do, people didn’t do business with you anymore.”

And it also used to be you’d hash out your differences in court and/or the print or broadcast media.

Unable to collect and faced with an appeal, Fishman has gone new school and launched a website to air his grievance and out his former friend Sam Vance and co-conspirators, which include China’s Ministry of Commerce, Linglong Tires and Al Dobowi Group.

Our October 2010 story makes for good reading. So does Fishman’s new website.