trivia-imageRule change!

In the interest of satisfying instant gratification, we’re awarding free subscription prizes every week during our Inventors Digest Trivial Pursuit contest season, which runs through December.

Every Tuesday until the end of the year, we’ll be posting inventor-related trivial questions. Be the first to correctly answer that week’s question on our Facebook page, and win an annual subscription to the nation’s longest-running magazine for inventors.

Last week we posed this: Found in newspapers, this invention is a cross between a time killer and a brain teaser. Name the invention and the inventor.

No one got the answer. (Crossword puzzle invented by Arthur Wynne.)

The previous week’s puzzler: This invention instantly helps kick-start your morning. Name the invention and inventor.

The answer to the first part was instant coffee. As it turns out, one inventor invented the process, but another was the first to commercialize it. We would have accepted either inventor.

Fortune favors the swift – be the first to answer each Tuesday and win an annual subscription to the hottest magazine for inventors!

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