BME_johnshopkinsA team from Johns Hopkins University recently earned first place and $10,000 in the sixth annual Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship competition.

The team’s Rapid Hypothermia Induction Device lets emergency or ambulance personnel quickly and safely administer a therapeutic hypothermia treatment to patients and improve their chances of survival.

The BMEidea competition is open to member institutions of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovator Alliance.

BMI_onebreathA team from Stanford University earned second place and $2,500 for OneBreath, one of the featured technologies in a people’s choice Web video contest hosted on earlier this year.

The team developed a low-cost ventilator for use in developing nations and large-scale disasters. Designed to treat acute respiratory distress patients in low-resource, pandemic and emergency environments, OneBreath provides an alternative to existing ventilators, which are too cost prohibitive for many hospitals. In addition to its low cost, the device is rechargeable, portable and disposable.

BME_naturalorificeA team from the University of Cincinnati took third place and $1,000 for its Natural Orifice Volume Enlargement (NOVEL) device.

The innovation enables an incision-free approach to urogynecological procedures by providing improved visibility and access to deep target tissues within the peritoneal cavity. This reduces post-operative complications such as adhesions, incision hernias and patient recovery time.

The 2011 competition will open in September 2010.

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Editor’s note: This article appears in the August 2010 print edition.