“The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ‘You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.’”

—George Carlin



These carbon fiber, light telescopic poles are fully reparable in the field. Normally, you have to heat the end of a trekking pole to get the tip off. These tips screw off.

Easily portable, cnoc poles feature a great range of usable length. From 71cm to 158cm, they have the same durable feel. The extra-long deployed length allows for the poles to support most shelters in the market.

The Friction Quick Lock uses friction rather than compression to create a secure lock.

The expected price will be $170. Shipping to crowdfunding Rewards backers is to begin in February.



The Shine Bathroom Assistant automates toilet cleaning and maintenance without chemicals.

It can be installed within 5 minutes, without plumbing changes or screws. Fill it with water, insert an eco-friendly pod, and place it near your toilet. On a detected flush or command from the app, Shine cleans and covers the bowl in now-electrolyzed water, cleaning and deodorizing simultaneously.

Shine’s automation manager can detect leaks and overflows while tracking water use. The unit will retail for $149, with shipping to crowdfunding Rewards backers in February.



Ohsnap is a magnetic, ultra-thin, one-finger grip that adheres directly to a phone or phone case.

Pressing the center circle of the Ohsnap releases the finger band. Use the “U” shape as a grip or connect the ends together to make a complete loop. With a finger through the loop, phone drops are next to impossible.

Ohsnap can be used as a snap-up kickstand. It also comes with one free sticky plate.

With a planned $25 retail price, Ohsnap is to begin shipping to Rewards backers in December.



A customizable, fixed-position carrying system, SlingBelt sits comfortably on the hips to hold cameras, lenses, binoculars and extra gear.

The Twist & Lock mount secures a camera or binoculars to the hip, with the option to add a second mount with a side holster. The Sling Tether allows the camera to hang for instant shooting. You can customize the system by adding a lens bucket or two.

DryBags protect against rain and are engineered to fit and clip into the bucket for a secure carry.

The complete SlingBelt system will retail for $128, with shipping to Rewards backers set for January.