CrevinSari Crevin is a Microsoft HR manager in the company’s X-box division (how cool is that!) by day. By night and weekends, she’s an inventor/entrepreneur.

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Crevin is president of BooginHead and the inventor of the PaciGrip and SippiGrip, a line of leashes or tethers for baby pacifiers and toddler bottles. She recently hit her $1 million sales milestone and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Inventors Digest.

Crevin started her self-financed side business in her garage about three years ago. In her second year, sales grew 240%.

SippiGrip, PaciGrip and the latest product, SplatMat, are available at major retailers such as Babies “R” Us and Target, as well as on-line, in trendy boutiques and worldwide.