susaDon’t miss tonight’s Got Invention Radio broadcast – Robert Susa, president of controversial invention-submission company InventHelp, is in the house.

He has worked in the invention business for 19 years and has served as president of InventHelp for the past year and a half.

Susa has been trying to rehabilitate InventHelp’s image as a company that preys on novice inventors. Susa says the company works hard to commercialize inventions and has been unfairly tarnished. He says the company’s success rate is as good, if not better, than competitors.

Critics say the company uses cookie-cutter marketing materials, while urging customers to buy ever-increasing services of questionable market value.

You be the judge tonight – listeners calls and e-mails are welcome.

This year InventHelp began to take a more aggressive stand against critics, and sued prolific blogger at IP Watchdog and patent attorney Gene Quinn, formerly of the United Inventors Association.

InventHelp hosts INPEX, billed as the nation’s largest inventor trade show. Nolan Bushnell, who founded Atari, popularized the iconic videogame Pong and launched the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza-Time Theater chain, is this year’s keynote. This year’s event is June 16-18.

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