By Jennipher Adkins

Every self-respecting inventor with a product to sell should be searchable on YouTube, ebay, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

However, serious players also will post their products on targeted sites frequented by retail buyers, innovation companies and licensing groups. is “where inventors and consumers unite.”

With a high ranking on Google, the site lures consumers as well as industry reps interested in new inventions.

Founder Ashleigh Sottile, a former Home Shopping Network producer (her father invented Fridgemates, also featured on HSN), encourages people to post video, not just images.

“Entries on our network speak to shoppers, investors and licensing companies,” she says.

Using her production know-how, Sottile wants to build an internationally recognized “test” market channel (TPN TV), so that everyone with a great product has an opportunity to get exposure.

“We want to be a national show that airs 24 hours a day offering our inventors their chance for success by demonstrating their products, she says.”

The show launched its first episode on ION TV, which boasts a viewership of 42 million.

“The Product Network can work with any budget,” she says. “From free consultations to 30-minute infomercials, we have the resources to help inventors successfully market their products affordably, while being coached during the entire process.”

Posting to the website is free.

To be considered for the TV show, email [email protected]



Another product posting site is Don’t be fooled by the name. This free-to-post site is not solely for home products.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the site is the inventor partnership it offers.

By accessing the link, inventors can become a client, where industry scouts pursue deals with investors, companies and licensing groups. If there’s a match, the inventor receives 80% of the proceeds; the site receives the remaining 20% for the life of the deal.

Inventors need to understand their options before entering into any type of partnership. The online entry is irreversible, even if deleted. Inventors should not post their products online if it is not patented or patent pending, if the item warrants protection.

On the lighter side, posting a product online keeps the shop open 24/7.

Visitors also can read about the latest happenings in the invention industry, new U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules, learn about upcoming trade shows as well as offers to exhibit with other InventionHome members.