FOR INCLUSIVE INNOVATION: The USPTO announced a new National Strategy for Inclusive Innovation on May 1, in conjunction with the agency’s work with the Council for Inclusive Innovation (CI2).

The initiative, announced on Capitol Hill, aims to grow the economy, create quality jobs, and address global challenges by increasing participation in STEM, inventorship, and innovation among young people and those from historically underrepresented and underresourced communities.

The USPTO has outlined a comprehensive strategic approach for the federal government, academic institutions, and private industry to share and implement best practices that inspire and support a diverse population of problem-solvers.

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YOUR COMMENTS ON AI NEEDED: The USPTO published a Request for Comments (RFC) seeking public feedback on how artificial intelligence (AI) could affect evaluations the agency makes as it determines whether or not an invention is patentable under U.S. law.

In the RFC, the use of AI poses questions as to what qualifies as prior art and the assessment of the level of skill of a person having ordinary skill in the art (PHOSITA). The USPTO’s AI and Emerging Technologies Partnership team has spent the past few years engaging with the innovation community and AI experts on issues at the intersection of AI and IP policy. Comments are due July 29.

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