Meet the Patent Experts: This five-class curriculum by patent experts at the USPTO’s Texas Regional Office cover the basics of IP for inventors and entrepreneurs. (The first class was held on May 19.)

  • August 18, Class Two: Key aspects of provisional applications.
  • September 15, Class Three: Key aspects of nonprovisional applications.
  • October 20, Class Four: Components of nonprovisional applications; includes a discussion on claim interpretation and common pitfalls.
  • November 17, Class Five: The basics of patent searching; includes an introduction to searching strategies. 


Trademark Basics Boot Camp: This new eight-part virtual series, held each Tuesday, begins August 3. Users can attend any or all specific modules that meet their needs. The boot camp provides a comprehensive overview of the process for federal trademark registration and maintaining a federal trademark.

  • August 3, Module 1: Definitions and types of trademarks, benefits of federal registration, selecting a trademark, filing and registration, and how to find help.
  • August 10, Module 2: A registration process overview from filing to registration.
  • August 17, Module 3: Trademark searching and the effective use of the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).
  • August 24, Module 4: Application requirements.
  • August 31, Module 5: Application filing walk-through with live demonstration of a trademark filing.


Innovators and entrepreneurs: The first Thursday of each month, learn about IP basics, helpful resources, and ways to protect your innovation as you transition from idea to product.

The USPTO’s Midwest Regional Office offers this session for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and students.


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