How Much IP Do You Need?

By Jack Lander with Karla Hunter, Esq. The patent is the main form of protection sought by most inventors. A patent is essential if you hope to license your product, and it may be valuable if you plan to manufacture and market...

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Big Idea Group Hunting for Big Ideas

Big Idea Group’s Microbusiness Hunt Seeks Innovative Products for New Ventures Winning inventors will receive royalties, plus equity stake in new microbusiness-the evolution of venture capital to invention capital...

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Edison Jr. – The Value of Asking

One of the hardest things to do is to evaluate the potential of your invention. The inventions with the most potential are the ones that are a means to a solution, it solves something, or takes away a problem people may have....

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Upside from a Down Economy

Laid-off inventors who are getting tired of standing in long lines at the unemployment office might consider creating their own jobs and pursue their invention dreams by taking their products to market.

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Protecting Your Brand Online

There is an entire industry built around a practice called “typosquatting.” By registering a common misspelling of another domain name it enables someone to “steal” visitors from that domain – registering “,” for example, to steal traffic from people who misspell “” in their browser.

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