Seize the Zeitgeist

How Timing Impacts Success By Jack Lander Let’s talk about opportunity. Hmmm … on second thought, let’s address success. Actually, timing may be more to the point. What I’m getting at is how timing affects opportunity and...

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How to Cut Your Patent Costs

By Rick Martin The road to obtaining a low-cost patent – with the term “low-cost” being relative – begins with an Internet search. Start with Google Patent Search, an engine that delivers patents issued in the United States....

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Word Sharing

Imitation Is Everything in the World of PR Writing By Damon Carson Do you have a phobia of writing? Maybe it doesn’t rank up there with the fear of public speaking, but most of all us probably wished we could write a little...

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USPTO e-zine Inventors Eye, update

I got some clarification on the Inventors Eye e-zine the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office launched this week. This e-zine is entirely put together in-house, so budget expenditure is not an issue. And because the bi-monthly...

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USPTO launches new e-zine

Look who got into the publishing business – the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, that’s who. Inventors Eye is a bimonthly e-zine for independent inventors and small entities. Not surprisingly, the debut February issue...

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Is David Kappos Really a Monster?

Addendum: In looking back on this post, it may come off as I’m siding with this letter writer. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was attempting to use irony to demonstrate the intransigence and irrationality of...

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